Beaches of Northern Athens

Beaches of Northern Athens
No location in the world can beat the feeling of relaxing on a beach bed on an island of the Aegean Sea. But if for any reasons this is not possible and you are stuck in Athens, there is still a solution for you! The most common option is to go to the Athens Riviera (the South coastline of Athens that stretches from Piraeus to Sounio with a great variety of beaches. Unfortunately, this is the most “popular” option which usually means huge crowds, lots of traffic to get there and possibly more money, since many of the beaches are not free of entrance. But guess what…(drum roll please)   There is the Northern coastline as well! Easy access, less traffic to get there and free entrance. Less posh, but more “real”. So, there you go! Here are the best beaches of northern Athens:  

Porto Rafti

Porto Rafti is an up and coming area right outside of Athens. A lot of Greeks leave their homes in the winter and move to their summer houses in Porto Rafti, once June hits. A beach worth visiting in Porto Rafti is Agia Marina. Agia Marina has a lot of cafes located on the coast such as Navy Style and Lagoon, and beach beds on the opposite side of the street. One can listen to the music of the café, sip iced coffee and be relaxing on a beach bed while having the option of both sun (if you need a tan) and the shade if things get too rough. Porto Rafti on its own a family oriented area so it should not be a surprise if you see families around the beach enjoying their day. Google Maps  


Zouberi is a beach that attracts mostly adults in their late 20s and early 30s. Why this happens? Because the beach bars (Indianos and La Costa being the most popular ones) in Zouberi can get quite loud. But the good part is that because it attracts the people of that age, the place as an ongoing buzz that does not stop for hours. This beach also has beach beds where you can relax and a lot of people bring their own mini chairs or even towels and just sit on the sand. Also, don’t be alarmed if you see giant flamingo floats in the water when visiting Zouberi beach. It’s the new Greek trend that everybody is into these days. Google Maps  

Kokkino Limanaki

Kokkino Limanaki is a huge beach just outside of the Athenian suburban area, Rafina. This is beach a lot of Athenians prefer because the water is very clean. Kokkino Limanaki is known to be chosen by campers to escape on the weekends. Also, there is a café up the hill where a lot of people get their coffee from and maybe some sandwiches. In Kokkino Limanaki there are no beach beds so a lot of its visitors prefer to bring their own stuff from home such as umbrellas, towels and mini beach chairs. Google Maps  


Schinias, finally, is estimated to be the longest beach in Attiki. It has spots with beach bars such as Moraitis Beach and Sling Beach Bug, spots with beach beds, beach volley courts for competitions, camping locations for people who like to escape for the weekend and places where one can sit with their own beach gear. The oddest thing about this beach is that from every location one visits, it looks like it’s a different beach. Because this such a huge beach, a lot of people of different ages visit it. Google Maps And remember, if you need someone to store your luggage while you’re enjoying the beach, you can always contact us  :D You are welcome to leave your comments and questions below! We’ll be glad to answer.

Published on August 11, 2017