That last day of a great trip. My “Goodbye Athens” plan

That last day of a great trip. My “Goodbye Athens” plan

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That last day of a great trip. My “Goodbye Athens” plan.

During the last hours before boarding the plane to return home from a vacation, what do you usually find yourself doing?
  1. just sitting around in hotel lobbies and airports with your legs stretched on your suitcase and cell phone in your hands
  2. guilt-ridden! -trying to cram everything that you have not managed to see in days in a couple of hours
  3. having a relaxed and authentic last experience of the place visited.
I proudly declare a c-type and here is my “Goodbye Athens” plan. I hope it inspires you to have some memorable quality time whether on an island stopover or a plain return trip from Greece’s capital. The first thing I do is get that baggage off my backEasier done than said, it is just a matter of visiting Baggagement’s website. I set the time and place i want my luggage to be picked up, stored and delivered. They come pick up the bags, put bar-scanned labels on them and sealed them with a tie wrap. If I am still there when they come, their friendly attitude is a plus to the overall experience. If I need every second of my time, I rest assured that they will do their job right.     My favorite way to say goodbye to Athens is a food and sight combo. I like to have a relaxed meal in a place where locals go too and combine it with good amounts of people watching. I put my camera and cell phone in my bag and devote that time to experiencing the place just through my eyes –and taste buds. If it sounds like something you’d like to try, consider a place like casual Manas Kouzina Kouzina at St. Irene’s square. Genuinely local Therapeutirio at Ano Petralona or casual- chic Kiki de Grèce near Syntagma are worth a visit too.    

Enjoy and see you next time around!


Baggie Maggie

Published on December 2, 2018