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Second time in Athens

So it’s your second time in Athens and since last time you visited Acropolis and Monastiraki, now you want to get more in touch with the city’s corners that deserve a visit. However you have only one day to enjoy here and you want a relaxing and easy route to follow. What should you do? Don’t worry! Here is your guide for another perfect day in the capital of Greece! 

You can start your day having a brunch at Kolonaki Square. This area in the centre of Athens has been one of the most famous and classy areas of the city.  It extends from Panepistimiou Avenue, on the east to the Megaron of Music and on the west to Sina Street. The central square of the Kolonaki district is the center of the political, economic and social life of the wider region. There you can find many cafeterias that serve excellent brunch ideas and afterwards you can walk around the area which is full of restaurants and shops. Since many famous Athenians frequent at the cafeterias of the Square, you may have the chance to see actors, singers and other TV personas having their coffee next to you. 

As the hours pass and if the weather is fine you can take a walk to Lycabettus Hill. Even if you don’t like walking you can take the “Lycabettus funicular“, a railway that connects Kolonaki with the top of the hill. The starting point is at the junction of Ploutarchos and Aristipou streets. On the hill you will find most notably the Lycabettus Theater, an open modern amphitheater where concerts and theatrical performances take place every year, and a small church dedicated to St. George at the very peak of the hill. The view of the city from there is arguably the best you can find, allowing you to admire every side of the the city landscape. Next to the small church you can find a cozy (and pricey) restaurant, Orizontes, where you can also enjoy your lunch if you wish.  

For the evening, you can leave the centre of Athens and head to the south. From Syntagma Square take the small shuttle bus at the junction with Ermou Street, and pay a visit to the newborn Cultural Center of Stavros Niarhos Foundation. The shuttle service is free and available daily several times. The bus takes also a stop at Syngrou-Fix Station and ends at SNCC. There you can take a guided tour to the area, including a tour of the pioneering architectural building complex that will host the National Library of Greece and the National Opera, as well as the inner and outer public surroundings, the park with the artificial lake and the roof gardens. The Silver Cup, inspired and designed by Michel Bréal for the first Olympic Marathon winner, the Greek Spyros Louis, which was awarded to him during the first Contemporary Olympic Games in Athens in 1896, is also exhibited here. If you come early in the evening you can also attend one of the numerous events that take place every day. In the cultural center all kinds of exhibitions take place, performances of the National Opera, movie projections, and other cultural events.  

For the night you can take the metro to Metaxourgeio and have a drink like an original Athenian does, at «Cabezon». «Cabezon» is a traditional style all day bar/cafe with with an awesome garden. If you visit it on the weekend you may think that a party is taking place, and during weekdays it could be more quiet. In it you can combine the drinks and Greek snacks. The bar is frequented by all kinds of people, both young and old, which creates a unique and fun atmosphere of inclusiveness and oneness. 

 Do you really need more?