Travel and Packaging Tips

Travel and Packaging Tips

Dear travellers, WELCOME TO ATHENS, GREECE! If you’re not here yet, then this is a future welcoming! We know how stressful packing your suitcase can be, we’ve travelled ourselves several times. “What am I going to be wearing while I’m there? How many pairs of shoes will I need? Walking shoes or should I just go with my glamorous pair?” Not to worry, we have the ideas and the dedication to your cause. Scroll below and find out useful packaging tips!

Hard-shell Suitcase

We recommend a hard-shell suitcase. Suitcases get thrown and smashed by other suitcases when travelling, either by airplane or car. This way, the items in your suitcase will remain untouched, and chances of them remaining as you placed them are much higher.

Rolling Clothes & Further Tips

Start rolling all your clothes! You heard us, if you roll your clothes, you will have less wrinkles on your clothes and more room to take more with you! Make sure you roll them tightly and neatly so when the time comes to take them out, they will still look amazing. We wouldn’t want you to use an iron when you’re on vacation.

Also: Try rolling all your delicate clothing and placing them at the bottom of the suitcase, then place any silk and/or lace items on top neatly rolled as well, and then when you’re done, any denim items should be laid out on top! With this little hack, anything that leaks in that suitcase, your denim will protect it!


Shoes are nasty, let’s face it! In order to keep shoes from touching your clean clothes, place them in plastic bags! That way you’ll have everything clean protected. Also, do not forget to take an extra plastic bag with you for anything that gets dirty during your trip.


This is for you ladies! Anything that is liquid or you use for make-up, place in a ziplock bag that seals. Make-up stains are hard to remove and no one wants to deal with that. Also, if you are bringing shampoo with you or any other kind of liquid, the best idea is for you to purchase them in travel size. That way you will not have to worry about space.

Extra Space

Last but not least, when you have space left in your bag during a trip, stuff moves around. With this in mind, add plastic bags between items. That way you will be able to dispose of them later if you do not need them AND have space for new purchases. Smart huh? ;)

Let us know if you have your own Travel and Packaging Tips!

Published on November 2, 2017